Satisfied Clients Say …

From Heather in 2017: “Thanks for keeping on it and making it so I often forget I own a rental property…that’s the best.”

Compliments from the past:

“As property owners we can unequivocally recommend Smiley¬†and Associates. We turned over new property for rental in tough economic times. Chrissy has kept it occupied and maintained and dealt fairly with both tenants and owners. Communication has been prompt and open. She is a skilled pool of maintenance personnel could handle any problems quickly. We now live at a state and have no doubt that the personalized service of smiling Associates is the best way to preserve our investment.”

“Thanks for being such an Uber-responsible, fab property manager in general all-around great person to have on my side.”

“Chrissy’s been managing our property for a couple of years now. It has been an unqualified success. The place had been badly neglected by our previous manager, whom we fired. Things had gotten so bad that we were just going to sell and move on. But Chrissy took over and has been a godsend … She is outstanding in a crisis (e.g. the flood of 2013) … Most importantly, she’s kept our little place rented without pause–no lost income. I can’t really speak highly enough about Chrissy.

“Thanks again for another year excellent and professional property management! We are so appreciative of all your energies.”

“I’ve engage the services of Smiley and Associates for over two years now and found her and her company to be very responsive to questions and concerns of mine. I have moved out of the area of Boulder/Louisville and needed someone I could trust to manage my home as a rental. She was recommended to me and after meeting with her I found I enjoyed your enthusiasm as well as professionalism. I like to clarity of thinking, attention to detail, responsiveness to questions, resources at your disposal, her frankness and her objectivity and knowledge about the local scratch word rental mark Market [She is] pragmatic in her approach to leasing, pricing, maintenance problems, etc.”

“I have used Chrissy Smiley as a property manager of my Boulder townhouse since 2004. I found her to be competent, honest and responsive. She has done an admirable job of finding and vetting tenants. She has made being a landlord hassle free.”